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Dangerous Goods

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Dangerous Goods

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It is difficult to determine how long each course will take as every student is different. We realise that your time is valuable and try to complete your training at a pace that suits you. The more time you can devote to your training, the sooner you will reach your goal.. Completing the course on a full time basis is the best way to achieve your licence with no time spent on catch up flying. For those who cannot attend on a full time basis, part time courses are also made available.

Our THEORY component is conducted by the highly qualified instructors at Advanced Flight Theory ( also based here on the Sunshine Coast Airport (07) 54487770. They have dedicated many years in writing and delivering the Commercial Helicopter Course and are up-to-date with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations ( 

Prior to flight training you will need to obtain a Class 1 or 2 medical depending on which course you are completing- Commercial or Private. This will need to be completed by an Aviation doctor listed on the CASA website. You will also need to apply to CASA for an ASIC card which is a Federal security check. Both of these are required before you can go SOLO so it is important that they are in place long before that day arrives. After completing the syllabus you will be nominated by your Grade 1 Instructor for a flight test. 

The CPL or PPL test starts with an oral examination where the ATO questions your knowledge on all aspects of flight rules, aircraft performance and operation and flight planning.

Both the Private and Commercial helicopter flight tests include general aircraft handling and a navigation exercise where you will be asked to demonstrate such things as airmanship, radio techniques, confined areas and autorotational landings.

The Commercial and Private flight tests take approx. 2 hours and are conducted by a Testing Officer.

Accommodation can be arranged to suit your requirements from approx. $200 per week. We have access to fully self contained houses which are shared with other students attending the course.

The houses are located within easy walking distance to the airport, and they are all very close to take-away food, grocery stores, public transport and the local beaches.

The Sunshine Coast Airport has its own Airservices Supply Shop which stock a basic range of pilot supplies and books.

Aviation Medicals

All students must complete an aviation medical with a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved doctor.  These are listed under DAME's on the CASA website. You can either make your own appointment or we will be happy to make this appointment for you BUT They can take several week's being processed by CASA so it is advisable to get this out of the way before you start flying. Again, you will need your medical before going SOLO.

Employment Opportunities

Once you have completed your Commercial or Private Helicopter course, every effort is made by Blue Tongue to help you obtain work either in the mustering of tourism area.

With such a wide range of contacts made over 32 years in the aviation industry, a large percentage of our students have been placed in commercial work. We are often called by operators for a pilot recommendation for employment. We are very proud of this reputation.






Course Starting Dates

You can start your Commercial or Private course at any time either by enrolling in one of the AFT courses listed on their website ( then come to Blue Tongue once you have completed all your exams OR do a block of flying to perhaps SOLO standard, then head over to AFT for the seriously hard stuff. It really is up to you.