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Dangerous Goods

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Dangerous Goods

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Blue Tongue Helicopters operate two R22's and one R44. Students are offered both helicopter types during their Commercial Course giving them a greater employment opportunity in their flying career. Whilst many students at Blue Tongue hope to enter the Mustering Industry, many others also hope to do Charter work in the Tourist Industry. We are very proud of our success in obtaining paid flying positions for our graduates - many of whom have gone on to run their own successful helicopter companies.

At Blue Tongue, we try to keep our classes small - between two to three students at a time. This gives both the Instructors and the students a fair go with no long delays between flights. On average, most students can expect to fly two training flights per day. When possible, students will be encouraged to attend any aircraft maintenance carried out on the various helicopters.



Student accommodation is available close to the Airport from approx. $200 per week depending on individual requirements. There are also several Motels and Caravan Parks close to the Airport as well as luxury style accommodation. Private boarding can be arranged prior to arrival and costs range from $150 to $200 per week. This usually includes washing, meals and your own room and desk for studying. Being a holiday destination, the choice of accommodation is limitless and will suit all budgets.